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Michele's complaint against British Gas

Michele Hayter


2 years of errors, mistakes, lost money, harrassment, threats

Complaint against British Gas

2 years to resolve 6 complaints....and there could have been many many more. Lost money - large cheque missing for nearly 2 years Billing errors, 32 page bills, 20 letters in one day Thousands taken out of my account in error Monthly instead of quarterly bills Harassment/debt letters/debt calls - in error Threats to cut off - in error Evan a Bailiff at the door to disconnect - in error I wanted compensation so was sent a form. Instead of giving me time to go through everything I had a girl constantly on the phone asking when it would arrive. I felt very pressured to get it in so sent in with insufficient information. At no time was I told that submitting it without doing the due diligence first would result in it being closed. They have now closed my request for compensation and will make no financial redress for the 2 years of time, energy, stress, harassment and shear frustration. They say I was happy to close each complaint as it was resolved, it was obvious that it could be closed as a working complaint but not forgotten about when this whole situation come to a head regarding redress and compensation. British Gas thinks it has done everything I asked for, it definitely hasn't!! and has certainly not done what they told me they would do, has made error on error, mistake after mistake and taken 2 years to resolve. The whole situation has been unfair and inequitable. Very unhappy customer.

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