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Damian's complaint against British Gas

Damian Rodgers


Boiler system replacement poorly installed, pipework floating unsecured, damage in the home

Complaint against British Gas

Work carried out at parents house - they are frail and in their mid-80s. 1. Bedroom door broken off hinges with damage to door and doorframe. Contractors placed door back in the doorframe without securing it or revealing this to my parents or the family. The damage discovered later when elderly mother went to open the door and it fell to ground – had it hit her she could have sustained serious injury. 2. Much of pipework hanging unsecured at various angles; lagging not tied to the pipes; extensive use of cheap ‘push-fit’ plastic connectors rather than soldered joints. 3. The central heating pump and motorized valves fitted in inaccessible positions behind pipework, making access for routine maintenance very difficult. 4. Magnetic filter appears to have been sited on the return rather than the inflow side. 5. Junction box wiring trailing and unsecured. 6. Radiators in hall and dining/living room are barely lukewarm despite a power flush of the system supposedly having been carried out. 7. The floorboards on the landing replaced unevenly suggesting the pipework may be just below, presenting a further potential safety risk. 8. Installation team left card with parents saying questionnaire would be sent, and wrote across bottom asking them to award 9 out of 10 for various questions. 9. Having raised concerns with BG Engineer and agreed to meet, he failed to keep appointment at property despite being aware of issues and fact I don't live locally - he and his manager have failed to respond to calls.

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