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Agnes's complaint against British Gas

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Complaint against British Gas

This is a matter matter that has caused me and my fiancée an extreme amount of unnecessary stress and anxiety and has now forced us to arrange to move in with our family. We discovered in May 2017 that our meter readings had no been recorded since we moved into our flat on 19 Jun 2015. We have contacted British Gas, provided the correct meter readings and were assured that the matter was sorted. We received a notification that our account was adjusted and we were now £300 in credit. As this did not seem right, I contacted British Gas again, and was again assured that this would now been sorted. The next bill I received seemed more realistic. However on 6 December 2017 we received a bill for over £1500 based on estimations. When I contacted British Gas to explore the reason for this outstandingly high bill, I received condescending customer service, claiming that the bill was right as a never submitted any meter readings and I did not pay British Gas since I moved in to this flat. Following further two attempts at talking to two different customer service representatives, I filed a complaint as I not only felt that the bill was not right, I was aware of the backbilling principles British Gas has to adhere to. When I mentioned this, the bill reduced to only a year’s worth of energy. Resolution attempts have been made, although I was not entirely happy with the fact to this date I did not receive a piece of correspondence that did not include inaccurate information. I agreed to set up a direct debit to clear the backlog whilst paying our monthly energy usage on 7 February 2018. Following this, I did not receive an acknowledgement of this e-mail or a response for over five weeks despite multiple attempts to chase this (including the e-mail trail since the beginning of December!). I only received a response when I publically requested it on the British Gas Facebook site. At this stage, I also requested an investigation by the Energy Ombudsman which is currently ongoing. However, I once again ran into poor customer service that has caused me unnecessary worry and stress. When I received a notification that representations made by the British Gas would delay the decision with four weeks. At this stage, I wanted to discuss the matter with my assigned case manager, as my anxiety over this matter has reached such an extreme level that it has started to affect my health. My case manager has made one attempt to contact me, and when I returned their call, I had no response three times, and no call back to this date despite requesting this. To top this infuriating experience off, we have not been billed for any energy usage since December 2017 despite continually requesting this. As we are in the process of saving up for our first house, which is already a high-stress process, the worry over potentially losing over £1000 has driven us to move in with family. Throughout this whole process we have not felt listened to once and the stress and anxiety caused to us by the British Gas over the past five months has been unnecessary and unfair. The impact on our living situation, mental health and future plans has been significant and drove us to make decisions that we are not comfortable with.

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Yet again British gas poor service
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