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Virginia's complaint against British Gas

Virginia legg


Huge bill after leaving b g. And while on pay as you go

Complaint against British Gas

I changed from British gas when greenstuff said I was paying too much per week,at least 20pounds a wk on each. I sent readings in and they sent me a bill for 883.09 .I was under the impression pay as you go meant exactly that. I have just emailed them asking for someone to come and read the meters as I may have done it wrong. I've also told them I'm getting in touch with you and putting a warning on Facebook for other pay as you go users to get there meters read regularly. I had a shock when the bill came ,I haven't told my partner through worrying him. Please can you help. Or shall I just wait to see what they come back with, they said can take at least 3 days for my reply. Yours sincerely vdoe

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