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mr russell's complaint against British Gas

mr russell bacon


i am constantly being harrassed by british gas over a supply they say i have

Complaint against British Gas

This has been going on for nearly two years now and it is now causing me a lot of frustration and stress as i have been trying to solve this issue with multiple phone calls to british gas, none of which is sorting the issue, the building i am situated in is a large commercial building split in to around 18 businesses and when i moved in six years ago there was no mention of gas supply from the landlord as the building has an electric combi boiler which needs no gas then after fourteen months in the new building i started receiving gas bills which we have always contested, i have never used a drop of gas from day one yet they have sent me multiple bills over the last four years all which have been refunded to date after british gas looked into each one and found that no gas had been used and the bills i was receiving were due to a standing charge, now i am told i must remove the meter to stop the standing charge being made, the problem i have is actually determining whether this meter actually leads to my building as there is a communal toilet between my building and the gas meter in question which is where the pipe work from the meter seems to end. i have requested that the meter be removed and been told BG will not remove it without the external pipework being done first, i have asked BG if they would send somebody down to determine where this pipe work goes as it is very likely not to be our building and now they tell me there is a charge of £ 187.92+vat for the first hour then £46.13+ vat for every half hour after that to send out an engineer to assess the pipework which i find extremely expensive to assess a customers property, im now really unsure where to go from here please help. Thanks in advance Mr Russell Bacon Owner/ Essex Hydro Garden Limited

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