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Ras's complaint against British Gas

Ras Alban


I received a letter today saying the bill as increasediscussed and I have arrears on my account.

Complaint against British Gas

I received a bill today from British Gas saying the bill will increase to £61 monthly from buying £31. I called British Gas for more information and how to reduce my monthly bill. The British Gas customer service told me not only that I will pay £61 but arrears of over £200 on the account as I have used more than the estimated. I asked why I'm hearing about this now as no letter confirming this. Also that I can't afford to pay that amount. The British Gas representative asked me how much can I afford a monthly and I said £40 and also asked several times why I have been given false information about the bill and the several letters I received didn't mentioned arrears on the account. The representative suggested a cheaper tariff so I can pay £40 monthly and he will put me through another department so they can look through how I save money and look into the arrears; in the meantime he will change the tariff and confirmed it by email. The second representative was very aggressive informed me that no way I can pay £40 although I have been given wrong information suggesting to go on meter if I can't pay my bill and to control my usage as I have arrears as they wrote me several times, how it's my responsibility to control my bills and British Gas have the right to change the rate. I was very shocked with his approach and i replied I haven't received any letter that his tone is very aggressive and controling that he shouldn't be dictating how to live my life to me on the phone. I dropped the phone and called afterwards to make a complain the duty manager made it clear that they have sent me an email several times and I tried to explain this arrears is new to me and to confirm the email as I didn't asked for paperless bill. The complaint Manger finally realised they have wrong email address and didn't make attempt to amend the information. In one day I was given wrong billing first person said £40, the other rude representative £51 and complaints manger told me £66 that to ignored the letter I received saying £61. I don't think British Gas sent any letters about bills and decided just to increased the bill without informing the customers. I'm very disappointed with lack of communication and given false information to get customers so they can sign up for direct debit. Although I was given false quotation they didn't take it into account.

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