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Chris's complaint against British Gas

Chris Wilkins


Inconsistent billing issues

Complaint against British Gas

I rented a property in a large house It was a flat and I was at first given an electric bill of £165 after only being in the flat for 1 month. My landlady paid off that bill as it was the previous tenants bill. It was June when I moved in and the weather was hot and so never used the portable electric heaters which were in the flat I only had a cooker and fridge and a washing machine on the electric and I was out until midnight 5 days a week I’m disabled and I requested that my metre should be read every quarter so I wouldn’t have huge estimates. However nobody called to read the metre and so all of my bills were estimated. My bills were varying from £22 to £125 unbeknown to me I had 2 metres for my flat and 1 was not in use, but both had flat 4 stickers on and this was the problem I faced when someone eventually read my metre as I believe that they were reading the wrong metre The £22 bill I received was for a quarter and the service charge for British Gas was £15 a month and so all my bill weren’t consistent with my useage Upon leaving the flat I was given a final bill of app £265 !! I wasn’t expecting anything like that and so I made a payment of £65 because I thought there was something wrong with my bills and my metre This was 4 years ago and I’ve been given a bill of over £260 as the bills were all estimated. A neighbor very kindly read my metre when I left the flat and I submitted the figures I don’t understand how they have come up with this figure I’m now on £40 a week and I’m on universal credit in a shared house with a room to myself with all bills included I am disabled and I simply don’t have any money to pay this bill They’ve done an internal investigation and have decided that the bill is correct and I have to pay this bill On my credit account with Experian it shows me paying the £65 and there’s a constant bill of £200 that is owed I have been trying to find out what I can do to make this go away but they will not budge mi am still in hardship after losing my DLA to the new pip regulator for being a taxi driver It’s classed as a commercial vehicle and so I no longer get any help to top up my wages I’m at a loss as to what to do

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