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michael's complaint against British Gas

michael magee


Incorrect Billing

Complaint against British Gas

I swapped from British Gas to Sainsbury energy last year. I get my first bill from Sainsbury only to find they had made a mistake which I queried. 3 days later I get a bill from British gas as well both bills adding up to a lot more then I usually pay. When I left British gas last year I thought I had paid up to leaving them ..they even gave me a refund. Have spoken to both parties but they insist that the meter readings were correct ...My bill for a two person household is over £600 even though I only use power in the evening and it was a warmish winter ....what can I do?

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British Gas failed to resolve this complaint

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michael magee | | VERIFIED

It was not handled ..I ended up paying and moving to Sainsburys energy but still having problems with incompetent administration. Which is still happening 6 months later....even though I am paying by direct debit I get letters from both British Gas and Sainsburys saying I owe money causing me to make numerous calls
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