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Deborah's complaint against British Gas

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Mis selling back billing not adhering to protocol bullying tactics

Complaint against British Gas

I was unemployed through ill health was promised 150 for switching to British Gas I was promised absolutely no estimated bills from March 2013 to March 2014 had to contact them at 50 times to resolve issues or complain. The original £150 to switch should have been applied within 3 months took nearly 10 months I was eligible for the winter fuel payment and documents signed and sealed took 11 months I've had estimated bills back billing even though I am disabled with children I was told they wasn't going to help till I cleared the £100 bill and if it wasn't paid that day I would get cut off and would take weeks to get back on lied and said they wanted to check my metre when infact they wanted to change it to pre paid even though it was totally unpractable then referred me to 3 different debt collectors as they send the case back saying British Gas are wrong and can't back bill or give me a final bill and then a final bill then a final bill for same a/c

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