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Dabinder's complaint against British Gas

Dabinder Sunsoa


Mistake made via British Gas system

Complaint against British Gas

I was a British Gas customer for 16 years. I had both gas and electricity with them. My electricity was for business as I used electricity for the shop. 3 years ago a smart meter was installed in my property, and I was told that I don't have to give them meter reading, as this meter is connected to British Gas system. I always paid via Direct debit, after 2 years of installing my meter I had a big bill landed through the the letter box for £6000. I was so worried how can I pay this amount how this is possible. When ever I spoke to the credit expert they tell me different things why my bill is high. I took my case to energy ombudsman who looked at all my invoices, after 6 months ombudsman decision was British Gas business will deduct £450 out of £6000. B.gas sent me 2 bills with 2 different account numbers, I requested B Gas to send me a one total bill, they refused. The outcome is I have to clear this bil, as well as pay the present supplier. These big energy companies rip customers . I have lost trust in them now.

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