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Kevin's complaint against British Gas

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My bills are roughly £40 to £80 pounds as I live on my own in a flat and work away alot my bill£1193

Complaint against British Gas

My electricity bills are normally between £40 to £80 as I live on my own in a flat have many nights working away I don't even use the cooker as I eat out I play darts on a Monday Tuesday and Friday night so when I'm back I'm out I moved in about 3/4 years ago and payed the bills they sent which has always been roughly round that Mark until the recent two when they sent me a bill for round about £125 which l questioned which they then dropped to about £30 then I phoned them with a meter reading on the 14 th of this month when the guy on the other end said my bill would be round about £75 and he said he would get the bill sent out to me then I got home Friday to find a bill of £1193.68 which I questioned and spoke to them on the phone he told me he would put me on hold to try and find out he put me on hold for twenty minutes then I was cut off and received no phone call back I phoned the next day and they are now trying to tell me that they've been under charging me for 4 years I've got a letter dated 26th June 2015 saying that they haven't received a meter reading for over a year so also add 5 months of this year that makes 2 years not 4 so if you divide that £1200 bill into 2 equals £600 then that into a quarter that's £150 so they say they have been undercarriage me by £150 plus my bill which would workout to about £200 a month when I'm hardly in leaving my flat on average 5/6 in the morning and not returning till 5/6/7 at night then out for darts that's if I don't have to stop out in bnb for work when I'm in I've normally got one telly on one light on and one heater on there's no way on earth I would every use that much and even if they have under charged me it wouldn't run up to the amount that they are saying and basically I got the impression that it's bully tactics pay it or get cut off

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