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alex's complaint against British Gas

alex donaghy


New build drama with old meter and British Gas unable to produce bill or send engineer or PAYG

Complaint against British Gas

After chasing British Gas since December when we first moved in to our new build home, we are now no further forwards after too many to count - telephone calls, messenger conversations, and text messages. We still are unable to read our bills, have not been placed onto PAYG as assured we would be within 7 days and did request, and we are not being told what sort of financial situation we may be in with them, being unable to pay our bill. We want to use our meters as PAYG so we can monitor our outgoings and top up accordingly, since this was the case we are left on the higher rate tarrif as swapping over only takes a short time (once we receive welcome pack), after providing the meter readings and numbers on at least 3 occasions we were then told by one agent on the phone that the meter was old and a "non smart type" he put me on hold to arrange for someone to deal with this, and after 30 mins of a total call time, they hung up, we then raised issues with British Gas messenger team, who were unfortunately also full of inaccuracies, also provided all this information to them yet again, eventually was told its been passed to a "front line agent" "higher up the line" and now, Mid February just received a text from a random number assuring me everything is sorted and all is working, yet would you believe, the app remains inactive and unable to produce a bill, they decided I must have been happy and have closed this complaint - which they swapped to an enquiry, completely shooing the fact that I wish to be compensated for all my time wasted and spent on this matter, even though it is not sorted, and that's after an agent on messenger quoted - No problem 👍 the timescale is from the point they receive the enquiry ****. When they set up your account they'll contact you, so they'll be able to discuss any goodwill offer. Well, nobody has been in contact to discuss any such matter, and after being previously told it would currently take 41 days to sort out the issue (a huge amount of time), I have now been told 3 months from today's date - please see the message I received today - Hi Mr *******, I'm getting in touch from British Gas, in regards to an enquiry/complaint that was raised to update the gas meter details on your account. I would like to confirm your accounts are fully setup. The issue is common when it comes to new builds, or a customer being the first occupant taking over from a developer, or sometimes when coming over from a different supplier and the automated transfer process fails. I would like to reassure you that the correct dates, reads and meter details are fully updated on both our internal and external records, and once again thank you for bringing this to our attention so we could put things right for you. If you had provided us with a recent reading, the accounts will be updated accordingly and a bill/statement issued online or via the post depending on how you manage your account. At the moment your meter is registering your gas usage correctly and the reads can be provided to British Gas to ensure you are billed correctly. The Smart functionality of your gas meter is unfortunately not being utilised and an engineer will need to visit you in the future to activate this functionality; we are aware of this. We will be in touch, usually within 3 months from today but often sooner, to let you know when we will be visiting to do this. From here onwards your account will continue as normal. I do apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused, and thank you for your patience. The enquiry has now been closed, as all actions have been completed. If you have any general account/billing queries please call our general call centre on ***********. Thank you and take care. So after many, many hours of chasing on my days off, I am no further forwards, in fact, I am now further behind than I was before having jumped to 3 months... and that's just 3 months to get in touch for British Gas to then organise an engineer to come out, that's a quarter of a year... to make contact... If I provided such inaccuracies at my place of work I would likely loose my job and cost the company money in compensation, let alone word of mouth from unhappy clients. I really hope someone with some common sense and the ability to actually get this sorted can read this and act upon it, in a very timely manner, bearing in mind we've been chasing this since end of December. Kindest Regards Alex Donaghy

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