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Mark's complaint against Opus Energy

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Complaint against Opus Energy

I bought a business for my wife 4 years ago , we were played like tennis balls between electric providers until we settled with opus . We never had a problem until our world fell apart last year . My young wife was hit with aggressive breast cancer and we have a 6 year old son , likewise elderly parents and I work full time , we have limited income but I battled to keep everything running . All our payments are direct debit and if something isn’t paid we get an sms so we can rectify any problem. Sadly 10 months ago the direct debit stopped but we didn’t know . We didn’t get any post mail calls or anything and then on the 8th of this month we had a man appear in person with a bill for over 900 pounds , my wife rang opus to find out why but she couldn’t pass the data protection so I sent an email giving my wife permission to the service on my behalf . She asked for a payment plan which was granted . Next thing on the 15 the electric was cut off by two engineers and the premises left insecure . I called opus to explain but after speaking to 3 different members of staff and everntually a manager I explained everything but was told that I didn’t contact them and no plan was ever granted but now we have a bill of almost 2500 pounds and we cannot be put back on until it is all paid . I pleaded to their better nature and said I wanted to remain a good customer but I cannot raise that type of cash and begged for them to put a plan in action but NO WAY they shut the business the only lifeline to raise the money to pay them , they told me to go to debt helpline ...-and also called me a bad debter .. I’m on the floor with no way out . Cancer is a killer and although my wife is on the mend there was no sentiment toward our plight . They said they never received my email however they added my wife onto my account which is what I asked for in the email they said they never got . I’m desparate and feel abused and let down by this company and I really don’t know how they can do this to people who are open with them .

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