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Lynn's complaint against Utility Warehouse

Lynn Gorman


The sales ethics are disgusting

Complaint against Utility Warehouse

2 men came to my 73yr old, widowed aunt’s house and somehow ‘persuaded’ her to sign over all her utilities, mobile, etc. All she can recollect from this is that they were promising her free lightbulbs.We discovered that she was in a contract that made her pay over the odds for her fuel, pay for a mobile service she will never need or use or even couldn’t use as she never received a SIM card, a cashback card that again she didn’t receive and would never use plus lightbulbs that she wouldn’t want. All sign-up/switch over communications were through email which she doesn’t know how to access so hadn’t realised what was going on. I am beyond furious that this is the way they get customers and we have done everything we can to get her out of it. I would not touch them with a barge pole if this is how they conduct themselves and I hope those salesmen feel happy with themselves for gaining another sales target whilst my aunt is really upset about how she has been manipulated. There should be a law to say if there is someone elderly & alone in a house, there should be another person they know & trust with them during a sales talk so they can be sure to make an informed decision not be taken advantage of.

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