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Frederick's complaint against E.ON Energy

Frederick Heath


Excessive energy useage

Complaint against E.ON Energy

I entered into a contract with BG in March 2016. Using my historic energy useage going back 5 years, I calculated the energy that I would use and set up a deal for £64/month. Come November my meters were switched for smart meters. When my contract ended in March 2017 I sought a new contract, this time with E.ON at £77/month.At contract end I owed nothing, indeed I was refunded by BG. Some months in I was contacted by E.ON saying that my energy usage was far more than expected and I was going to have to pay £117/month to cover the shortfall. I was confused by this as I have introduced no new appliances over the last 5 years to account for increased energy useage. Indeed, over the past years I have introduced cavity wall insulation, 30cm of loft insulation and have switched to low energy or LED light bulbs. Nor have I started any energy intensive hobbies to account for the increased useage. Going back over 5 years I calculate that my electricity useage since the smart meter was installed has increased by 31%. Gas asage has increased by 5.8% over the same period. I note that BG never queried any increased useage since the smart meters were installed. I demanded a meter check from E.ON to confirm that the electricity meter was accurate but I was forced to pay £64.76 before they would carry out a check. In essence therefore; I have gone from a payment of £64/month to £117/month with no apparent reason for increased useage on my behalf.

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