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Keith's complaint against E.ON Energy

Keith Rigby


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Complaint against E.ON Energy

I've been with this shower for less than two weeks - but I've had enough. Paying the £60 penalty to say goodbye and good riddance is cheap enough - they are utterly, absolutely and completely incompetent. In the two weeks I've been with them, I've had to contact them numerous times to give meter readings. Yet every time I logon, I'm asked for meter readings. I even got a telephone call the other day from one of their advisors, assuring me that it had all been sorted out. I later got an email confirming [Quote] ".....WE CONTACTED YOUR EXISTING SUPPLIER TO ARRANGE YOUR TRANSFER TO US.... WE USED THE READINGS YOU GAVE US. THANK YOU." I logged on to confirm that everything has been updated - to be asked not only for meter readings again - but reminding me to submit ANOTHER meter reading between 20/12/2017 and 02/01/2018! I HAVE A SMART METER - FITTED BY EON - APRIL 2016 - WHY THE HELL ARE THEY ASKING ME FOR METER READINGS? As I was starting to type my message to them on their 'contact us' page, WHEN a pop up appeared, inviting me to chat online. I filled in all the details, expecting to be able to chat to someone online, ONLY TO BE TOLD THAT THERE ARE NO ADVISORS AVAILABLE - advisors (I am advised,) are available to chat online between the hours of 8.0 am and 8.00pm Monday to Friday. This was at 5.30pm. I had tried yesterday (Monday) at lunchtime, and got the same message. So I tried to email them with the attachment showing the email from them, which confirms they have my readings. To do that, I clicked on the link to send an email with an attachment. Even that doesn't work - it just takes me to my email page - without showing their address. Seems they can't get anything to work. Today, I got another call from one of their advisors, but missed it. Out of courtesy, I returned the call - only to be answered by a recorded message, telling me to ring the generally available number on their website (so obviously I wouldn't speak to the same advisor who called.) I was given no other option before the call terminated abruptly. If this is how it goes with this lot - If this is how they treat their (NEW) customers, I don't look forward to spending the next 12 months trying to communicate with a bunch of idiots who simply cannot organise something as simple as updating a customer's details and make it perfectly clear that they don't wish to be contacted by customers, then frankly I've had enough already. I'm switching to another supplier - penalty accepted - they're welcome to it - it'll be worth it to see the back of them and never have to contact them again. EON and I will NEVER do business again.

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