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Abbie's complaint against E.ON Energy

Abbie Norton


My bills have doubled through charges. Single mother on low income. Expecting me to pay £24 a week.

Complaint against E.ON Energy

Moved into this address 3 yrs ago, called eon to be supplier, as I had debt of £300 odd with them, and was honest in wanting to pay it off, so I thght id use them for current supplier too. Paid off debt and paid for usage in a year, no problem. Last winter thinking my bill was just 300 odd and il pay the winter bill off during summer of this year like I did for the last 2 yrs, I suddenly had baliff frim eon knock at my door asking for payment plan, of £24 a week. They know I'm a single mum of 4kids, one of which is half blind. I'm on income support as I home educate my youngest two. They know this as I filled out form for winter warm discount 2015, which they accepted hence last year got £140 off my bill. Te baliff gave me a letter when leaving from the door step of my home charging me £30 for his house call. Totally disgusted with being victimised and not trusted to pay bill, expected to keep to a payment plan of which they know I couldn't possibly keep to, then whn I fail to do so, charge me £50 a few times over. I paid £300 in 3mnths, and have recently stopped as Iv gone to the CAB last friday to seek financial advice. I have an appointment soon, I'm awaiting a call from them. In the meantime theyv adviced me to apply for a grant through eon online. To complain, which I will have to write, and record deliver and copy, I'm awaiting advice on this via the CAB, as I wish them to put a signature on it, so eon know it's not just me complaining. As my rights go, I wish to terminate contact in the grounds of insolvency. Not sure I can do this, although I hope so, i will offer a payment for my 'said debt' of £10 mnth, in doing this I hope they have no right in sending baliffs round to recover debt, as Iv offered a payment plan. They have doubled my bill in charges. There was no need to do this to me. I use gas n electric in winter for 6mnths, the rest of year I use no heating and pay it all off. By sending baliffs n demanding plans of £24 weekly, they have incurred unnecessary charges. I'm so angry. They have upset my family life with my children, as emotions are quite high and unbalanced now. They made me anxious and feared for my safety, making living at home with just children quite frightening, the thght of bullying baliffs banging and scaring the kids. I do not want a prepaid meter by eon. I don't trust them anymore. Id rather get new supplier and start fresh, don't mind prepaid meter with no debt, I can then pay for what I use. Eon would probably not let me switch supplier with a debt theyv doubled with charges. I can't handle court, id break down emotionally and truly have noone to look after my children. Iv no family. I feel totally let down, and there's noone who will investigate. I found yourself by just browsing Google with my problem. Do I have a right to terminate contract and just deal with the 'said debt' via a payment plan of my choice, £10. Can I get new supplier. Eon wants me to give them the name of new supplier which I have no plans on doing. This is what they said to CAB on Friday. I told the CAB advisor no way. Il await to speak to the proper financial advisor when I et the appointment soon. Im stuck, and my bills are rising as I'm not paying the £24 week now, and they are charging me £50 and probably have baliffs next week too, again, which will be anthr £30..if not more, I checked their website they have £200 warrent fees they incur too. Tomorrow I will apply for grant. I will write letter in rough, explaining what I have here. I don't know if I can do what I feel is right, and terminate on grounds of insolvency, and offer them so much a mnth, and then get new supplier. It's all too much for me, I would appreciate any advice and help. My children are suffering my emotional state about this, it seems to affect everyday now, I just finding it hard to deal with anything. I just awaiting CAB. Hope to hear from you soon Abbie Norton

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