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George's complaint against E.ON Energy

George Russell


no hot water for 2 weeks

Complaint against E.ON Energy

Firstly I discovered eon had been overcharging me for a long time as they had billed me for 2 separate meters in my electric bill and one was for another address. They gave me 568 compensation but could not tell me how long the overcharging had been going on for or the exact amount they had overcharged me over the years. Next thing I get a letter saying my meter must be changed. Eon came to change my meter on the 13th of June. Somehow they disconnected the hot water and despite repeated calls and 2 visits I am still without hot water. They seem unwilling or unable to help me even though this is totally their fault. Never had an issue with the hot water in 22 years at the access until they changed my meter. Eon fail to call back when promised and have even suggested I pay to get my own electrician out. I am at my wits end and just want a hot bath. Please help

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