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Rachael's complaint against EDF Energy

Rachael Brydges


Charges and billing - BE AWARE!!

Complaint against EDF Energy

I would give zero rating but option not available. Already paying £150 a month for gas &electric for 2 people (plus one 8 month old baby) in a small 2 bedroom house. I check my bank and they've decided to take out £238 this month so I call them and I end up being told I owe £800 on the account! It's been estimated so I give them a meter reading and they say I still owe £581 on the account. I ask how this is even possible when we already pay an extortionate amount every month and I am told it's because we are using more than we are paying for! Again I ask how is that even possible and if so then why was this allowed to continue - why was I not asked for more money instead of this debt being allowed to accumulate to the point where I owe £581?! The advisor answered with "Hmm yes I'm sorry about that" ! That is appalling and in no way a decent response or explanation, I am furious. I'm on maternity leave and we are living off one wage - how am I ever meant to produce £581??? Absolutely disgusting, especially when I am now changing providers and have been offered gas and electric for £78 a month - half the price of what they have been charging me. I have requested a call back from a manager but still have not been called. I would never ever use this company again and advise others to stay clear!!!

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