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Miss Sneh's complaint against EDF Energy

Miss Sneh Vora


EDF under warrant(not served to me ) broke into my house to change to a pre-pay meter

Complaint against EDF Energy

I am outraged that EDF broke into my House and changed my original meter to prepay meter. Then I found a letter on my Mat that said they did it under warrant which I had not seen before. I paid EDF £ 714 according to their bill in May and I have an arrangement with them that they send me a bill every quarter. This letter demanded a further £262 . I had already rang them to send me breakdown for this bill in order to settle it, the reason being they creep in extra money that I am not aware of.I never got this copy of the bill. I am very distressed that I have got this pre-pay meter in my house and I I am not happy about it. I rang EDF again to get them to get this meter out and copy of the outstanding bill so that I can pay in full and move on to other supplier. Their agent told me on the phone that that will block me and will not allow me to go to other supplier despite the fact I would pay them in full. My anguish is how can I resolve this issue? I am also very distressed that the EDF broke into my house and disrupted all my stuff in the garage where the meter is situated.

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Miss Sneh Vora | | VERIFIED

I made four further phone calls to EDF and I was met with hostile attitude and I was still not assured to get copy of breakdown of my outstanding balance of a bill. Then on coxing further , they concluded the bill now has increased to £500 because of extra charges on the prepay meter and visits. Then there would be further charges to disconnect the meter. I have now been put into a difficult financial position by EDF. So much for the loyalty for the EDF and being ripped off as a result.

Miss Sneh Vora | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Miss Sneh Vora | | VERIFIED

Miss Sneh Vora | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Miss Sneh Vora | | VERIFIED

She told them she would definately not be an EDF customer.EDF has breached all the data protection rules and GDPR rules. It is an irony that we general public are conscious of this Act and yest big companies like EDF does what they want. Even if it costs me more, I am leaving EDF for good. I feel humiliated in my neighbourhood after what they have done. Anyone with self respect should never useEDF

Miss Sneh Vora | | VERIFIED

The whole business was handled in most unprofessional way and now I am conscious of what neighbors must be thinking of me. Any self respecting person should never have an account with EDF.
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