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Carl's complaint against EDF Energy

Carl Ellis



Complaint against EDF Energy

After witnessing the gas and electricity bill increase from approximately £60 to £90 then again to £125 per month within 1 year I quickly changed providers. EDF were contacted to query the final charge of over £220 and to explain the reason for leaving. The customer service responded with "You're on a standard variable tariff due to your contracting expiring, which is why the pricing has increased. Because we have followed procedure there is nothing that we can do." A few points to consider from the response: - The term "variable" means dramatically increase only. - "following procedure" means that on the right-hand-side of the letters received from EDF, there is a box that states you're on a variable tariff, which somewhat resembles small print with the size of the font. As an example of customer service and a non-extortion event a letter from SKY will be used. "We're writing to you to explain that your contract is coming towards an end on X date. Your services will continue, however at a non contract cost of £39 per month. However if you renew the current contract your discount will continue at £27 per month." The letter from SKY is clear, concise and also provide the exact details required, which were followed. From this experience I will never use EDF again and will be more cautious of other companies that could use the same swindling technique.

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