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Partha's complaint against Extra Energy

Partha Chatterjee


Failed to take direct debit payment

Complaint against Extra Energy

I had set up direct debit with Extra Energy from day one of the opening of the account in November 2014, however, Extra Energy failed to take direct debit payment from the account. What they kept doing was take the money out from my account at the beginning of the month and return it back to my account after a few days. I had made several phone calls despite long waiting time (over 15 minutes) and also sent emails expressing my concern that the bill was piling up and asked them to resolve this. However, Extra Energy failed to take any action on this and did not even respond back to me. Inspite of this I made manual payments because of my concern that I wont be able to pay a huge bill all at once. Also I was supposed to transfer both my electricity and gas supply to Extra Energy, however, they could only transfer the gas account and even after more than two years of trying to sort this, they failed to get this resolved. Everything has been recorded and documented. So finally what happened was what I feared, it ended up with a huge outstanding payment of £1400.00 over a period of two years. Now they have engaged a debt collector who is making my life miserable.

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deborah garner | | VERIFIED

I had exactly the same i even rang them to make payments but they said nothing to pay Nightmare company
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