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Stephen's complaint against Extra Energy

Stephen Christon


Refund overdue since April 2016.

Complaint against Extra Energy

I was due a refund after renewing my contract on 31st January 16 but after emails and phone calls I was finally passed onto the complaints department in April. I was told I was due £201 which would take 21 days; the date arrived, no refund !? I phoned, problem, should not have been offered refund as my gas meter had been changed in November 15 and they didn't have a correct reading. I then sent photos and readings in May and have been sending readings ever since and have been given excuse after excuse why my refund has not been forthcoming. Finally I spoke with a male on 13th September who said he was taking personal responsibility and the money would be in my Bank Account(not credited to my energy account) in 7-10 working days at the latest!! So that took us to today Tuesday 27th September 2016 and guess what!? NO REFUND!!! I phoned again, they apologised and said it wasn't my fault!! I thought that was a nice touch. They have now promised it will be in my account Friday 30th. Thank you for letting me ramble on for a while, if you are interested I will update Friday.

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