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Dawn's complaint against Ovo Energy

Dawn wilson


My time is worth less than OVOs?!!! They dont turn up I get £22, if I am out I get charged £40 ??

Complaint against Ovo Energy

I had agreed to get a meter put in by OVO to monitor my usage. One hour before I got a call from Siemens, whom they contract to saying they were not coming. I waited in all day. I have now been given an appointment for the 6th October??!!! I was informed if I could not attend the appointment I must give 48 hours notice or I would be charged £40. However they then informed me if they did not turn up I would get a credit of £22. I said "are you saying your time is more valuable than mine" I was informed it was inconvenience factor. How many times have we waited in all day for utility companies to turn up to be let down. Do we ever get any form of compensation....I never have, and this has happened numerous times. We are the customer, we book days off work as you cannot give anything but 8 hours slots. You have our telephone numbers can you not call us an hour or two before hand? Or is that too much like hard work? We are your customers, in business existing customers are important , you have them! Why oh why are companies incentifying constantly to attain new customers and treat their existing ones like rubbish. Dont get me wrong, I like OVO more than any other energy company I have used however I am tired of large companies taking our custom for granted. MY TIME IS IMPORTANT!!! This differential of £18 is minimal however patronises us as customers that our time is menial in comparison. Totally disrespectful and I would question if it is an unfair contract!!!

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