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Joe's complaint against Ovo Energy

Joe Sackey


Nightmare switch from British Gas

Complaint against Ovo Energy

I switched from BG on the 30th of Oct to OVO. Final gas read was 964. OVO installed a smart meter on the 20th of Nov and apparently took a final gas read as 1607 and billed me over 250£ for 21 days of use! I queried this and fingers were pointed to BG giving a very low reading of 964. It's a new development reason for the low reading. It turns out an error was made on Ovo's part, someone entered 1607 instead of 1007. I've been complaining of this since January and twice they billed me with the wrong figures.! No apology was given when I called this morning, fingers pointed again at someone else, this time "3rd party engineer" who Ovo claim sent the wrong reading. This is also factually incorrect. This 3rd party engineer took photos of the final reading. OVO misread this even when they had photographic evidence. I should've stayed with BG. I only left to save money but I've been fleeced instead. Thanks Ovo. Update. My 3 month gas bill, October 30th to 27th February, has now been revised from £311.99 to £110.50. I'm so glad I didn't give in, still no apology but that's alright

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