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Sar's complaint against Ovo Energy

Sar Williams


Refund withheld after switch

Complaint against Ovo Energy

Fine up until 1 year in. Then OVO raised direct debit by 100% over the year. Increased price also as soon as possible. At the point of switching the direct debit had raised from £62 when the account was opened to £168 less than 3 years later. Switched online via switching website and seemed smooth. Within 2 weeks was told switch was complete by OVO and that WITHIN 6 Weeks I would get final statement and any balance would be refunded. At this point I had a credit balance of over £200. Then they continued to collect further direct debit, and then wrote to me in April 27th 6 weeks later to say that they were raising prices and my direct debit was to be collected 8th May. I Left them in March!! Called to get resolved to be told. "Account Not transfered properly, they don't know why, and that they had all readings and on smart meter." Oops sorry, but too bad, you can't have your balance of £334 back yet, 6 weeks hasn't past because "we didn't switch and don't know why, sorry bout that!" Couldn't speak to manager, told anyway pointless because this was the process so they would only re confirm the same and I can make a complaint. This process meant that someone would reply within 5-10 days, what a joke. Meanwhile no refund. Completely incompetent, or worse

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