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Neil's complaint against Ovo Energy

Neil Carlisle


Worst energy company ever!!!!

Complaint against Ovo Energy

Things went swimmingly for up to 8 months until I decided to be pro- active and get a smart meter in..... the worst decision ever. Once the smart meter was installed went from credit every month to debit, I couldn’t understand this as I have a new A- rated boiler and new insulation plus can monitor what I am using through the hive app. Then I got threatening letters warning me I was spending more and the direct debit amount would have to be changed. After ignoring these letters and making overpayments instead the letters became more threatening now informing me that my direct debit amount would be changed automatically without my permission. They informed me as they buy the gas in advance the account needs to stay in credit. So now I pay double and have to make overpayments to heat a small 2 bedroom house for less than 8 hours a day. Paying £5-6 per day!!! AVOID this company at all costs, it might just be a coincidence but they are a now a top 6 company after buying SSE assets. Look elsewhere and don’t be enticed with their offers, the worst company I’ve had the misfortune to deal with in 20 years+. Counting down the days till I can leave them.

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