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Kate's complaint against Spark Energy

Kate Bellamy


[LAPSED] Help this company will be the death of me

Complaint against Spark Energy

I was signed up through a landlord and updated details. Spark did not do this and stated I refused to give over my details- and also never updated my readings, never answer the phone after months of trying to sort out the problem and didn’t receive a bill out for 4 months and kept us on a move in tariff now they have left me with a 500 bill for 6 months just for electricity 🤯 seriously! £85 A WEEK! Have complained many times for them to add charges of late payment into my account however I had no way of paying for months and not receiving a updated bill to show my new tariff - my gas is PAYG and I have to top up over £20 a week due to being on a move in tariff again even after being told there was only one tariff. So now I can’t move over to someone else and have a better deal ... they want me to PAY £300 a month. Why I’m writing this is I’ve had numerous texts and a new bill for £650 and still move in tariffs after weeks and weeks of hours conversations over the telephone to try and resolve this matter. If someone does want to discuss this please do over message or email that I will provide some a log can be show as evidence in court when you want your over charged bills paid as I will not being paying until this matter is dealt with seriously..... I’ve attempted through email telephone calls and on live chat ~ I can not log in online to pay my bill and do not have any means on the bill to pay and I will NOT be paying over the telephone as I spend at least an hour getting through ~ also I will be invoicing my call bill has I have had countless hours on hold I will be again contacting you tomorrow to discuss this bill ~ I’m not forgetting the fact I actually do own you money but will be paying for electric I’ve used not for the whole company’s Christmas party unfortunately.............

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Lapsed. Kate has not responded in 90 days

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Jenny Veitch | | VERIFIED

Hello Sorry to hear about this. To get some help with your Spark account, please give us a call on 0345 034 7474 or try the live chat service on our website. Kind regards Jenny Customer Relations Team
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