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Robert's complaint against Spark Energy

Robert hamilton


[LAPSED] i am in dispute over a bill

Complaint against Spark Energy

I had up until 1st June 2015 a property in Scotland which had tenants who moved out on that date. Immediately after taking control of the property on the same date i asked the managing agents who the supplier had been and was told it was Spark Energy. Straight away i phoned them and gave the final gas&electric readings and informed them that the property would now be empty until sold. Within a couple of weeks some one from Spark called me and said i owed the company £360. I imediately called in to dispute that amount and sent them a photo of the readings i had submited and once again reminded them that the property was empty gas switched off etc. Actually i had expected to be billed for standing charges only as nothing had been used. Spark energy has never presented me with a final bill in my name even after being in possession of my name and contact details and although i accept that i should have gave a final reading when the house was sold but being that i live in London and was never again in Scotland before the sale went through, i could not do so. Spark energy have reduced the original bill to £180 but i must say that i find that still quite outrageous. How they can estimate that amount for an empty building is bewildering and i would like to know what you think/advise. The amount of time disputed is between 1stJune till 4th September.

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Lapsed. Robert has not responded in 90 days

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Jenny Veitch | | VERIFIED

Hi Robert I'm really sorry to hear about what's happening at the moment. I completely understand your concerns, but if we don't receive actual meter readings from our customers, we do have to use industry estimates. I'd be happy to see what else I can do to help you, please email me: [email protected] I hope to hear from you soon. Jenny Veitch Customer Relations Manager

Robert hamilton | | VERIFIED

Hello There. Thanks for reply. My dispute is as stated, whether i gave a final reading or not you cannot in any reasonable way estimate a bill for an empty building where Gas has been switched off from 1st June till 4th September for initially £300 odd pounds then £180 something pounds. Both are outrageous. Not only that but instead of presenting me with a bill in my name you immediately give details to some dept recovery agency who send out threatening letters to The Occupier of 52 Tanners Hill

Jenny Veitch | | VERIFIED

Hi Robert, I'm happy to help with this, but I'd need you to contact me by email with the supply address so that I can locate the right account. I don't recommend putting your details on here as it's a public website, and I'm happy to start looking into this today if I hear from you. Jenny
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