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Complaint against Spark Energy

I have a massive complaint about Spark Energy. Not just that they failed to transfer my account correctly to new supplier but also failed in correcting this which ended up us being in high debt. I never been in any debts and I have been paying for my energy by direct debit until their customers were transfered to "new provider" at the end of November 2018. This is were this all started. I didn't notice any issues with account neither any of Spark Energy customer service colleagues contacted me, as usual, that there are any problems. Payments left my account every month since November. I have been on holidays between January and March so we didnt spend much energy anyway. At the end of March 2019 I went to check my online account where I spotted that there are only payments mentioned each month but no bills and no statements. I contacted customer services right away to check what is going on. After a week they contacted me that my account wasnt transfered anywhere so basically I was using gas and electricity and payments were going no where, meaning that I paid but nobody took money for my usage. Only recently this has been sorted and I have new account number and had first debt of -£106 on 31st March. I have been told that as soon as they transfered my account and took a lump sum of amount that was building on my credit, they calculated that between November and March I used more then I paid. I said ok fair enough but if my account was correctly transfered, they would be in touch to change my direct debit right away. Problem came after week on 7th April when on my account debt suprisingly raised to £285 and again at the end of April with my recent payment it raised to £300 and I have received notification that due to high debt my direct debit will change from £44 to £137 to pay it off even I raised a dispute on this. Why? Yes that is what Im asking myself as well. How come I used that amount of energy just in few days? I have all photos of my meter reads and I just dont understand. Did somebody at Spark changed his mind due to lack of sleep or not having pay rise? Surely I will pass this on to Citizen or energy ombudsman as this is not correct. As soon as this is sorted I will change to different supplier and will try to forget about your company.

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