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Pratik's complaint against Spark Energy

Pratik Chandarana


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Complaint against Spark Energy

I regret to inform that you leave me with no option but to act legally - you have wasted my time and energy and caused me stress beyond explanation and have ignored the context of every single communication I have sent since January 2019. 1) 15/01/2019: I contacted Spark Energy highlighting 716.95 GBP on my account 9301422162 and requested 500 GBP refund as I was paying 150 GBP a month but monthly consumption was under 90 GBP (Reason for credit pile up on the account) 2) 15/01/2019: Response from Spark Energy asking for my account details and asking me to wait for 5 working days 3) 15/01/2019: I supplied all the details requested by Spark Energy as per the previous email 4) 16/01/2019: A Spark Energy Employee (JAMAICA BUNDALIAN) replied to me asking me to pop my meter readings into the Spark Energy account online and that she would then raise the request to the relevant department. 5) 16/01/2019: I did as requested on the previous email by Jamaica and confirmed via email. 6) 16/01/2019: I got a response from Spark Energy customer service email saying that they have received only 3 readings and asked me for the 4th reading 7) 16/01/2019: I apologized in case I missed the 4th reading and sent the 4 readings on the email chain as a reply as well as re did them on the online account for completeness 8) 16/01/2019: I got a response from a Spark Energy Employee (AVIEL VILLANUEVA) confirming that my account was in credit by 716.95 GBP and that a refund was successfully raised for 500 GBP as requested by me and that I did not need to do anything else and that the refund would be in my bank account in 14 calendar days 9) 17/01/2019: I thanked back and waited 10) 24/01/2019: I got a response from Spark Energy customer service email saying that the refund raised was rejected by the billing team and that they have received only 3 readings and asked me for the 4th reading (keeping in mind line item 8 from above I found it very inconvenient given my hectic work schedule and long working hours). NOTHING HAPPENED until... 11) 24/01/2019: I responded that I had already provided with the 4 updated readings twice before and will do it again hoping that it would suffice 12) 24/01/2019: I responded with the latest readings for the date 24/01/19 and updated them on the account online as well as referred them to my previous readings based on which I got a confirmation that refund was successfully raised (line item 8). I did attach the screenshot as proof this time of me having updated the readings online. 13) 27/01/2019: I got a response from the Spark Energy Employee (JON Mc ERNIE GONZALES) confirming that I pay 150 GBP a month as per what he can see and that there was a credit of 854.89 GBP on my account. He confirmed that he is processing a refund of 554.89 GBP which should be in my bank account in 14 calendar days and that I did not need to do anything. I waited patiently but surprise surprise... NOTHING HAPPENED until... 14) 12/02/2019: I checked my bank statements and found no refund and chased it with Spark Energy - No response 15) 14/02/2019: I chased it up again - No response 16) 20/02/2019: Questioning the quality of "customer service" I chased it up again as well as asking for a direct contact to the complaints department also expressing my willingness to resort to external forums to address this (My hectic schedule did not allow me till now to consult a citizens advice bureau) - No response 17) 21/02/2019: I confirmed that I was going to consult Citizens Advice Bureau and that I may seek legal action post it - No response 18) 21/02/2019: Having checked my online account; all the logs of my previous month's usage had disappeared and a frustrated me did also send another email highlighting that on January 2018 my account was in credit by 854.89 GBP (line item 13) and that now the account online reflected something different - No Response 19) 21/02/2019: I, given the seriousness of my concern and in the face of a non-responsive customer service also sent the email chain from the past to confirm that my account should be reflecting a sum of amount in credit which it was not - No Response 20) 25/02/2019: I chased it up again via email hoping for a response 21) 26/02/2019: Someone finally managed to remember that they ought to be serving the customer and hence responded on the lines of: Spark Energy went into administration as of 28/11/2018 and that pre administration my account was in credit by 540.64 GBP but it needed verifying to create an accurate refund (REALLY??!!). The email also informed me that I have paid 3 payments of 150 GBP each since into the post administration period and that i would need to supply meter reading pictures (4th TIME??? REALLY???) and that the matter could be resolved only if I supplied pictures of my meter. 22) 13/03/2019: As a very frustrated customer I highlighted 3 things on a reply: a) Poor Customer service I was on the receiving end of b) A breakdown of my energy consumption log which was no longer on the website anymore and the numbers appeared all over the place c) Asking for a call back from Spark Energy with a sane explanation (believe spark energy at this point needed to explain themselves) - I promised to send them the meter readings one more time 23) 14/03/2019: I got a response of apology by a Spark Energy Employee DARYL DE LEON informing me that my account was in credit by 356.16 GBP only as checked by the "FRIENDLY" billing team and should be with me in 14 calendar days and that I do not need to do anything. 24) 14/03/2019: ALARMED at the new amount quoted 356.16 GBP in credit I replied straight away highlighting that my monthly consumption has been under 100 pounds in winter till November 2018, the fact that my account was in credit by 854.89 GBP in January 2019 as confirmed by Spark Energy (line item 13), have paid 150 during February and March with less energy consumption and yet suddenly my credit on the account is only 356.16??? And the usage logs were not on the online account anymore either (HOW CONVENIENT IS THAT; and the fact that I requested a few things in line item 22 meant nothing obviously because selective reading is the best way forward to a great customer service, is it not?) - No response 25) 14/03/2019: An impatient me chased it up again - No response 26) 14/03/2019: Having finally been exhausted (CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS SUCCEEDED) I sent one last email asking for a breakdown of my bill by 15/03/2019 which previously used to exist on the spark energy website on my account. 27) 15/03/2019: The refund had been rejected by the billing team and that there was 56.16 GBP in my online account which I can raise a request for refund if i wanted. I am on the verge of tears both out of stress, frustration and anger at this point but all I wanted to do was investigate the whole thing (IN OTHER WORDS DO YOUR JOB IN MY WORK HOURS). As promised I will update the meter readings 4th time online and send a picture of the meter. But I am going to (I promise) consult citizen's advice bureau and seek legal advice on this matter which is in my opinion as plain as a Scam. 9301422162 (PRE ADMIN) / 9303202859 (POST ADMIN)

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