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Arno's complaint against Spark Energy

Arno Schmickler


[LAPSED] Serious mismanagement and did not provide information on complaint procedure

Complaint against Spark Energy

Spark Energy was the incumbent energy provider when we moved into a new property and we immediately initiated a switch to a better supplier. We received Spark Energy's welcome letter but could not log into / create an online account. When I called their customer service they said not to worry as we were leaving anyway. We never heard from Spark Energy again nor did we receive any bills. The next thing we hear is that our new provider is in a dispute with Spark Energy and therefore unable to provide us with bills for our energy usage. A few months later a debt collection agency (acting on behalf of Spark Energy) letter arrived but still no bill. The debt collection agency was unable to provide a bill which would have substantiated the alleged debt. I then called Spark Energy again to request a bill which they emailed. The bill I received was wrong and I had to request a correct one despite submitting meter readings (evidenced by move-in protocol and date-stamped pictures of our meters). When finally I received a correct bill I immediately settled the account and requested confirmation that 1) the account is now balanced and closed, 2) the debt collection agency action is stopped immediately and 3) any potential entries against my credit score would be removed unreservedly and immediately. I also asked for information on the formal complaint process. I never heard anything again from Spark Energy despite also chasing via email. I am still not sure whether my account with them is now fully closed and the dispute with my new supplier settled. Overall, very very very poor customer engagement and serious mismanagement of accounts.

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Lapsed. Arno has not responded in 90 days

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Jenny Veitch | | VERIFIED

Hi Arno I'm sorry to hear about this. Can you please give us a call on 0345 034 7474 so that we can help you with this? You can find our complaints procedure here: Kind regards Jenny Customer Relations Team
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