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suzie's complaint against Spark Energy

suzie kardos


shocking, horrendous, upsetting service - Spark does nothing to assist

Complaint against Spark Energy

I wanted to express my anger, frustration and upset with your company and customer service. At this stage as you have made no effort to rectify this matter I am inclined to take this matter further and seek legal advice. I have become your customer in March – when you contacted me promising low prices and a smart reader. Based on ACTUAL readings you set my DD to £21. Within 3 month I received an email from you that you would start taking £80 from my account(!!?) per month based on ESTIMATES to cover the OVERUSE. This was from March to July. How did I accrue this when the weather was turning warmer and on top of that I occupy the flat 4 days/week. How do you justify taking my money without my authorization? Sending me an email advising me is NOT authorization. I cancelled my DD at this stage. I then receive a call from you to say: we want to install your smart meter (3 month after I joined) only to be told you don’t have anyone to install. When I asked for a senior member to be put through to, I was told: ‘Sod off’ and hung up. Why would you contact people to be told you cant install? Why would you lie at the initial stages and say you will provide me with a smart reader? How dare you speak to me this way? I then started a month-long mission to trying contact you. This resulted in overall 160 minutes over several days and lunch hours to be held online on a premium number not being able to speak with anyone nor being given the opportunity for a call back service. I also sent you over 40 emails to ask for someone to contact me. You have provided differing answers. One said: you will call back, another that you cannot call customers. I have never received a call until I reached out to another supplier to be transferred. At this stage I started receiving daily calls from you to try to convince me to stay. I/we keep you in business, how dare you treat me/us this way? If you look at your rating its horrendous. You purposefully set initial DD at a low cost to bring in customers then raise it without consent. I dont want to contact you on social network like twitter. I want a real person to contact me and apologize for the upset you've caused. I also dont want to be now given your email address with your reply to complain on, I've done that. 40 times.

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