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Lisa's complaint against Spark Energy

Lisa Swift


[RESPONDED] Somebody else's debt changed to my name and sent to a Debt Collection Agency

Complaint against Spark Energy

I moved into my current home in September last year, and contacted British Gas to see if our fuel was supplied by them. They confirmed the account had been switched to them and they were our supplier. During our first week in the property, a bill arrived from Sparks, which I opened accidentally, not realising it was addressed to the previous tenant. I called Sparks to inform them that the person they were trying to contact had moved out a few months earlier. Sparks said they would update their records and I thought nothing more of it... until another letter dropped through the door a month later. I didn't open that one since it was addressed to the previous tenant, but called Sparks again and repeated the information that they no longer lived at my address. This went on for a few months until finally I thought Sparks had finally updated their information as the letters stopped arriving. Imagine my surprise when I receive a letter addressed to me and my other half this morning from a Debt Collection Agency working on behalf of Sparks to collect the debt. The debt that belonged to the prior tenant, but somehow now had been switched to my name. The Debt Collection had mine and my partner's full names and dates of birth - something we NEVER gave to Sparks Energy (which makes me wonder if they are aware of GDPR) for a debt that accrued WHEN WE WEREN'T EVEN LIVING AT THE ADDRESS. I'd like to hear an explanation as to why this has happened.

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Jenny Veitch | | VERIFIED

Hi Lisa I'm really sorry to hear about this. Can you please email [email protected] with your full name and supply address so I can look into this for you? Kind regards Jenny Customer Relations Manager

Lisa Swift | | VERIFIED

"Eve" has been discussing this with me via your Facebook page since it took so long for someone on here to respond - her story has changed three times so far as to the reason for it. Please make contact with her to get the full details so I don't have to repeat everything again.
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