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Stephanie's complaint against Spark Energy

Stephanie Nash


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Complaint against Spark Energy

DO NOT GO WITH SPARK ENERGY !! Worst company I have ever made contact with! I don’t even no were to begin! Last year we had an outstanding balance of over 1500 pounds I was calling trying to get in contact no body wanted to help all they wanted was my money! Little did I no that the money was all on estimated billings from there behalf! Which they failed to let me no failed to tell me anything until they decided they wanted the money they informed me i had a certain mount of time to pay this ? Even tho I had no clue I even owed this money! I made a complaint after complaint after complaint and nothing I had people telling me they would get back to me no one ever got back to me! So I then wrote a review online telling people how bad the company was ect... they got back to me within 3 days! I had a lovely lady help me out with my bill I stayed in contact with her for a while until things started slipping again! And it went back to how it was when I 1st joined. I am now back to square one we’re my account balance is high again and I was emailed by customer service to say that it is biased on estimated billings ? Estimated ? And there telling me that I’m not paying enough money a month that’s why it’s so high ? How can they say this when this is estimated. Me and my partner both worth full time so the electric that gets used in my property are evenings only I’m confused to why my bill is so high when we are rarely here. I have asked about 10 times to have a top up metre put in so I can calculate how much I’m using myself and top up manually and all I get is every time I ask with out fail ‘ we currently don’t have them in stock we have them on order and will contact you once there in ‘ ? How can you constantly be out of stock of a product that you supply. Okay I get that sometimes company’s go out of stock but your a company you should have stock. I personally think they do not want to install a metre in my property because there quite happy with taking money of people for the sake of it. I will be taking this further! Further than just leaving a review for people to see. It looks to me like I’m not the only person that is having trouble with this company! Ridiculous. Taking money from people.

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