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Donna's complaint against Spark Energy

Donna Marie


Spark keep increasing my debt whilst on a prepayment meter to stop me switching supplier

Complaint against Spark Energy

Moved into a rented property 2 years ago. Spark automatically being linked to the property for gas & electric supply. Rang them the day after moving in, gave meter readings which letting agents already provided & set up a DD. They said £65 per month would be my payments I needed make via DD. 3-4 weeks later I receive a CB letter from spark stating they were increasing my DD to £235 per month. I immediately rang them to which also requested an investigation in the February, I cancelled the DD as couldn't afford this extremely high amount. Rang them several times to gain any form of update if the investigation but nothing. September Spark said there was a digit missing from the initial readings & apparently they were deducting £500 off my bill so now my bill was showing at £1488 once they deducted the warning discount too. This amount was for 9 months of gas & electric from spark. A month later their company goes bust creating a new account & a separate bill. November agreed to pay £100 per month although spark saying I’m using around £250 per month. So the second account was now increasing. Made one payment then went to CAB, they suggested complaining to the ombudsman which I did. Ombudsman found no fault of spark so I appealed but still no joy due to not having enough evidence & spark then reducing the bills. During the appeal process I requested smart meters to be fitted again, waited 4 months. Smart meters were installed Feb 2019, however spark refused to switch the meter to pay as you go. May 2019 they finally switched the meters to pay as you go. The second bill from end of November 2018 to May the debt owing was £744. I requested the take £5 per week from the meters for the debt. January 2020 a man came to the property from ‘BE-AT the cold’ he rang spark as I was topping up meters £200-£240 per month. They told him the outstanding balance was £562 only for electric as the gas balance was £0. Feb 2020 try to switch supplier but spark refused so I sent them a letter id taken a template from the gov website stating once I’m below £500 on the balance they cannot refuse me leaving. Several days later spark reply increasing the debt to £1083. After ringing them they now say it’s from the gas when I’m on prepayment meters. They told the ombudsman they would compensate £50 off my bill & send me a letter of apology, they told the man who rang them they would write to me about my bill to which I’ve never received any of! It seems they are purposely increasing my outstanding debt to stop me leaving them, I suppose they don’t want to loose my custom because they must be making a good living out of me. When the man rang them we discovered spark were deducting £8 per week which I never agreed to. Twice since I have asked them to reduce it to the agreed amount of £5 but no chance in the meter monitors. Recently found bills & texts from spark for evidence I owed them £744 when they switched meters to pay as you go. Since the switch I’ve paid £8 per week for a total of 40 weeks. This should leave the debt at £424 but told the man it was £562 then when trying to leave £531 appears on the outstanding balance when it’s not possible already paying for gas & electric in advance. Spark have me trapped in this nightmare situation & it’s making me sick with worry. EDF have quoted a fixed rate of £95 per month & I just want to leave spark but carry on paying what I am now for a more reasonable & affordable supplier yet spark have me trapped. If anybody has any further suggestions to what I’ve already tried, any advice is welcome. Thanks for reading

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