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Ruben's complaint against Spark Energy

Ruben Monteiro


Stay Away!! Incorrect Billing!!

Complaint against Spark Energy

I've now been a customer since July 2019 on the GetSmart 2020 Fixed tariff and had the smart meters installed from the start of the contract. We're now in November and I have not been billed correctly not even once. Every month they have charged estimated periods (but they can pull out accurate readings from the smartmeters) or in addition, I have been charged for periods that have already been billed and paid the previous month. Once you get in touch over the phone, some staff will amend your bill right away, and some won't have "permission" and have to send a request to the billing team to correct it (which they never did). I guess you just have to be lucky with who helps you over the phone. Formal complaint? Yes, well.. as usual, first they raise the issue and someone will get back to me (never did..). Then, if you want to speak with a supervisor/manager, You, the customer, are expected to provide a resolution for this, Not Spark... meaning, if you have a problem how do you expect it to be fixed?... Well, as obvious as it might seem - "I would like to be billed correctly (most months, at least)", Answer from a Manager today: "I can not guarantee that you will be billed correctly". All in all, if you would like to get to know the "accounts management" team aka customer service and speak with them every month, sometimes with multiple calls for a week, this is your Energy Supplier! But If you would like to be billed correctly, and spend that time some other way...

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