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Green's complaint against Spark Energy

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[LAPSED] The worst society I've ever known in…

Complaint against Spark Energy

The worst society I've ever known in life !!! The contract, which is practically spurious on Spark, is something else that claims the one who concludes the contract for Spark, and the reality is also somewhere else. If you want to close the contract and go to another company there will be big problems !!! Not only do they not inform you that they canceled the contract without your knowledge, even if you report the termination and report the final status of the meter. In addition, if you invite to sevis nobody will answer your questions !!! Arrogant behavior and mockery with the hint of TUTTLE IGNORATION of course !!! If you have a lot of questions and you want a clear answer, you are constantly switching, you will find out that you have a bad phone and will not hear you, and you will not answer your questions !!! Because you do not need to answer, as I was told !!! To Spark: very wrong business and dealings contract concluded very badly do not expect an apology either by accident do not expect the answer even if you pay honestly and regularly, you report the status of the gauges and you take it contract as closed, the opposite is true arrogant behavior, ridicule cheap energy ??? NOPE !!! I advise one: QUICK START !!!

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Lapsed. Green has not responded in 90 days

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Jenny Veitch | | VERIFIED

Hello Sorry to hear about this. To get some help with your Spark account, please give us a call on 0345 034 7474 or try the live chat service on our website. Kind regards Jenny Customer Relations Team
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