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JI's complaint against Spark Energy



[LAPSED] Worst Customer service ever!!!!!

Complaint against Spark Energy

Worst Customer service ever!!!!! They never read emails in detail or look at the previous correspondence when you email then. Just replying each time with a short few word emails as it’s a first time they received an email about one or another case. Contacting Spark and getting any help is just waste my time! But, worst that that, is the fact that NONE of the senior managers are also bothered to look into the complaint matter and get back to the customer As I did say in my last email to yourselves, which again was ignored – I will certainly make sure to leave Reviews with regards to the services provided by your company on all possible Social media channels! In case you will decide to look into the case, please search in your emails for one with the following in a subject line - 9301720446

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Lapsed. JI has not responded in 90 days

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Jenny Veitch | | VERIFIED

Hello Sorry to hear about this. To get some help with your Spark account, please give us a call on 0345 034 7474 or try the live chat service on our website. Kind regards Jenny Customer Relations Team
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