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Complaint against Spark Energy

Dear Spark Energy, Sad act, you are… First – why do you ask people to register their living-conditions in order to account for a Tariff when you in term then do not register it correctly? Is it so that you can send bills which are 4 times as high than what any normal single person is able to use in a month? 4 times during the period of a year I tried to get a Meter replaced – for one that worked. The first time, I got an appointment for an engineer to come and took time off work to receive him. No Engineer came... The following 3 times, I did not even get a reply to my inquiries. No email reply. No one calling back. I was simply ignored. You have recently sent me a bill through a very questionable Debt Collection firm, which I will develop on later. You claim, that I owe you money for a time period when I was not even living in the UK... for a flat which I moved out of a year ago and had since long paid the final bill in advance and closed my account – all according to YOUR specific instructions. I sent you proof of my Tenancy Agreement which proves exactly when I moved out of the flat. Once that was sent to you, I also requested for an explanation for why you accuse me of moving out of the property at a fictive date. I had by then told you several times that your records are wrong and had also given you the opportunity to directly contact both the Landlord and Estate Agency to confirm my Tenancy. Just perhaps it would be a good idea for you to approach the person who lived there at the pertinent time instead? No answer received. No explanation. No apology. Nothing… Then, a few days ago, another email arrives. This time with a completely different sum on the debt, though from the same Debt Collection company. You begin with accusing me with a false claim, and you get caught being wrong. You receive proof that you have been wrong. Now you need to explain yourself – especially when the wrongly accused former customer ask why you give fictive information. It is than NOT ok to send another email pretending like it is raining. You have yet to explain the first one!! Now, let’s take a closer look at these Debt Collection Companies that you use. There seem to be a severe lack of Quality Assurance on them from your end, as well as their legitimacy. We all live in the Digital age, where most corruption, scams and extortions is made on the Web – towards innocent people. You seem to think it is in order to use debt collection firms who claim to send “proof” in form of links masked with a random number. No attached document signed and solicited by Spark Energy, no forwarded email which shows what the debt is for or prove the claim come from you. I cannot help wondering – what am I supposed to think of these emails? What am I to suspect is behind these masked links? Child pornography? Animal abuse? Net fishing? The Dark Webs most absurd and sickest corners? The presentation is unacceptable. You ought to know this. I expect you to use firms running your errands who at least try to look legit! Doing a search on Google for “Spark Energy debt blunders”, in less the 0,16 seconds you come up with a rather striking half a million hits. What is your excuse for this utter incompetence? Now let us say you click on the link provided by the DC: You end up seeing a Screen-dump, of an account page for an account which was paid off, zeroed and closed a year ago with the help and instructions from your very own Online Chat-service. Yes indeed, you are to use the Move out option. And after you have completed that – you receive a happy note saying that you are “all done, no further actions needed!” Why am I seeing a screen-shot of an account that does not exist anymore? Do you realize, that the Debt Collection Company in their ignorance just exposed your "mistake"? Is it so that you just let peoples accounts remain secretly open, ticking away after they have been what Customers are lured to think "properly closed"? it is intentional misinformation from your end. Then, to send them debt threats, and threats of legal actions hiding behind an utterly unserious Debt Collection Company over debts, which you fail to explain and back up, which people do not owe you – there are quite a few criminal offenses which fits to that Especially when it looks more like a systematic approach than a few random cases of human error. An explanation please, if you would be so kind.

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Lapsed. NK has not responded in 90 days

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Jenny Veitch | | VERIFIED

Hello Sorry to hear about this. To get some help with your Spark account, please give us a call on 0345 034 7474 or try the live chat service on our website. Kind regards Jenny Customer Relations Team
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