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Laura's complaint against Spark Energy

Laura Jackson


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Complaint against Spark Energy

As with most other's reviews here - they are simply robbing people of money, estimating bills that are double, triple, quadruple what an average household would use. I moved in to a property with this provider and switched back to Bulb who are compassionate, customer led and have 'realistic' estimates. Spark have caused me stress, upset and worry. You receive daily automated phone calls, emails and texts to remind you, you have not paid!! Despite trying to ring and email them to sort the issue out. I have never been in debt and always paid bills promptly - but when they are estimating £93 for a 26day period for a 2 bed flat I refuse to pay and have been trying to challenge. The account's managers you speak to are useless. I don't think I have ever wrote a review but I am so disappointed and angry at what Spark have done, would never recommend and tell people to stay clear!

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