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David's complaint against Spark Energy

David Black


Wrong account, Bill masively wrong trying to charge me over £1000 for just over 2 months of electri.

Complaint against Spark Energy

This company is the worst. Utter cowboys. I gone from owing them nothing to owing them £1000 in 2 months after they went bust. My orginal account in my name has disappeared. And they have opened up a completely different account in my partners name in Dec/jan for some reason. But somehow kept my bank details off the account that disappeared. This all happened in the months after they went into administration. For the record they got my Partners name from the landlord. I have been trying to sort this out for 7 months now. They have gone from totally contradicting themselves to completely lying to me. Treating me like im stupid. Putting me on hold for 5 minutes then hanging up when im still there. I live in a 2 up 2 down town house and there trying to say i use £250 a month is ridiculous. Ive been recording my usage for months now and its not even close. The most being £85 a month. But now there saying i used all the electric up in 2 months before the issue. This company is a complete joke and should be a avoided at all costs. Now there saying i gave my partner authorization to speak with them and they mixed up and put her as the main account holder. This is a complete lie as my partner had to give the Authorization to speak to me. This is easily proved by the recordings of my calls to customer service. And that my partners account that spark made up has never been on the same tarrif as the one i set up.

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