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mark's complaint against npower

mark davies


16 Months to Setup and account and now you trash my credit file....

Complaint against npower

Npower took approx 16 months to setup my billing account due to their error. During this time I contacted them repeatedly to make a payment but they were unable to process it. Now I have a 600 bill from accrued debts which I was unable to pay and this ahs affected my credit file. On 7th March I was advised it would be referred to their credit team, as if they faile dto bill me for 12 months i shouldnt be liable to pay. I was advised 40 days for it to be investigated and would potentially lead to the whoe amount being cleared, plus I was advise di may be eligable for compensation for duress of upto £250. On 23rd May I called to check this and was told the referral hadnt been picked up as it was submitted incorrect. I requested a supervisor callback, non has been reiceved. I followed up again today and was advised the credit teams still hadnt picked this up, despite an urgent referall being sent on the 23rd. I am currently awaiting another supervisor contact but I have little faith in their ability to resolve this. As Im currently in the process to apply for a mortgage i checked my credit file and the disputed amount ahs been marked as unpaid for 6 months, almost to the point of default. In resolution I want the entire amount cleared in full, due to this being outstanding beyond my control and my ability to pay hindered by Npowers failures. I also request the full £250 compensation for the time and stress this has caused, in addition to a full reversal of all negative effects on my credit file before the end of June.

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