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margaret's complaint against npower

margaret tonner


about 18 different bills over a weekend some going back to 2013

Complaint against npower

as my bills came in iv been paying but for some reason the generated a load of bills from £199 to £775 ranging over a time from 2913 to now iv been trying to get it sorted for about 10 weeks iv put complaints in spoke to many but been fobbed of with silly excuses the sent a meter reader out who read the gas instead of elec then next 1 didn't turn up next 1 was 10 oct npower said they hadn't received it same meter reader came out on 19 nov he said thay had got the readings in oct .I was told a year ago my account had closed down but reopened same day I was informed 8 weeks ago by member of npower there was £300 owed to me iv never recieved it I got 2 more bills last week 1 for £199 from 2013 other was for £775 for a couple of months this year. last year I was in hospital every 2 to 3 weeks with stays lasting 2 to 4 weeks the first 6 months of this year iv been in and out of hospital last 1 was for over 6 weeks iv been out since end of june I live bymyself so I cant have used so much elec to top it all they are now sending me gas bills for £243 im on a card meter so pay for gas as I use it 2 of their staff have checked but they cant find why im getting those bills I put a complaint in again but complaints said it was right they are not doing the job right please can you help I was hoping to enjoy what bit of life I had left instead im stressed close to breaking I can honestly say I wish they hadn't saved me in may

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