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Julie's complaint against npower

Julie Stewart


Being made to pay for gas I never had!

Complaint against npower

Now I have never used NPower as I have never heard anything good about them. I moved into a house in February 2012 at 19 weeks pregnant with my eldest we had NO gas heating, boiler, etc. In December 2012 my landlord secured a grant with eon to install central heating system from scratch. We had a phone call just before Christmas of some debt collectors stating NPower had given them the file as we had not paid our gas bill dated from October 2011 to October 2012 (we NEVER had gas until December 2012). After having my landlord send things in to the debt company and NPower they are saying this isn't enough and we must pay. I'm getting rather peed off NPower, I have NEVER been with you nor will I in the future from what I've heard and read your company is a joke! Please sort this out before I see you in court!

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