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John's complaint against npower

John Clough


Debt company chasing me for a payment i do not owe

Complaint against npower

I lived in a property for approximately 18 months, all the time i was there i paid my gas and electric on the metres that were already installed. I was unfamiliar with this method and it took me a little while, and probably 2-3 times of topping up, that in fact there was a percentage been taken from the amount i had credited the card or token, for "debt". i contacted both my landlord and npower and reported the issue. They said it should not be doing this and would send someone out to rectify the situation. They never did! As time went by, and my daily struggles continued, this issue took somewhat of a back seat. However, i did complain again, i was told this would be corrected and the amount i owed would be credited to the metres. This never happened. i had heard about the billing issues with npower from family and friends. having other issues in my life at the time, i could not be bothered to chase a company for the money THEY owed me and decided to draw a line under the issue and move on. So, 14 months after moving out, i received a letter from a third party debt company for a sum in excess of £1800.00. The amount has been inflated by their £200.00 admin fee and the £1600 + amount is from unpaid bills at a former address. How does someone who "pre-pays" for their energy, run up any form of bill in the first place? They owe me the money, not the other way around, this "debt" company will continue to chase me, adding their charges accordingly. My credit file will be affected. I do not claim to be great with my money and have suffered with debt for years, but my credit file was finally running in the right direction and i was building a better looking score. For someone who suffers with anxiety and depression, this is playing on my mind enormously. i received the letter on the 3rd November, i then contacted npower the same day. The chap i spoke to was very polite, helpful and understanding, although i would find out until my follow up call that he had failed to note my complaint up, and misinformed me about when to expect a call from the complaints team. He informed me i would receive a call within ten days. Having allowed this to lapse a total of 15 days, i decided i would discount the weekends, but this would still be expired as this would be 11 days. I called again and again, the chap was very helpful. He took my complaint and has added detailed notes. He did say the first bloke had noted i was expecting the call, but he then said this was incorrect and it would be within eight weeks - massive difference and having had my expectations set so high for a resolution, this again was a real kick in the teeth. So, eight weeks, eight weeks i am expected to wait due to their incompetence, all the while, the debt company will add their charges and continue to pester me. Eight weeks, my anxiety levels are through the roof. Eight weeks will take us beyond the Christmas period. How am i supposed to enjoy this time? I am also booked in for a proceedure on the 7th December and not sure how long i will be in hospital or indeed what issues may be uncovered, so the last thing i need is added stress from npower. I am in a much better place now than i was a few years ago, i would have probably hid from this and conceded to the debt - but not today, today i will fight this through to the end!! i want the debt and any trace of it removed from my credit file. i want the money they owe me from the deductions on my card and token metre, i want a guarantee they will do everything they are obliged to, to ensure my future credit is not affected by their wrong doing and accept any responsibility should this affect my credit in future. I want compensating. i am sick of "big" corporations incompetent billing facilities - i had the same with vodafone, Next, and Virgin. They make astronomical errors and do not care that they are dragging the names of their customers through the mud! i am not confident in them contacting me within the eight weeks hence contacting you in the hope you could advise me. if i have to wait, i will do so, but the fact remains, i have zero confidence and faith in them even acknowledging my complain by then, never mind dealing with it.

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