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Kath's complaint against npower

Kath Hannam



Complaint against npower

At our last property we had a direct debit set up to pay the gas/electric monthly. Our bank contacted us in Nov 2012 to advise of an error with the reference and confirmed they were unable to process the monthly payment. We contacted npower immediately who advised they would look into it. Several weeks later I contacted npower as no payments had been collected. They advised there was a problem and to await their written response. We susequently sold the property in Aug 2013 and gave final readings to npower continuing to use them at our new property. We requested a final account and set up a direct debit for the new property. During the course of 2014 we received letters apologising for the delays in providing a final account but were assured the matter was receiving attention. On contacting the bank we were advised the ddm had been set up but no monies had been requested for the new property account. It was agreed with npower that in the interim I would pay by debit card on line . This was done until such time as npower advised that the tariffs were due to change and a new ddm was set up. In 2015 I finally received the final account for my previous property plus a further account for all the months that had been missed at the new property. The final bill was very high and I was unable to make a one off payment. I agreed to pay in installments but once again the bank confirmed the ddm was in place but no monies were requested by npower. In September 2015 I agreed with npower in an attempt to solve the issue once and for all to have a pre payment meter fitted both for gas and electric. These were fitted in October / November 2015. In January 2016 I received a phone call advising that no monies had been collected to offset the debt. Npower confirmed this was their error and adjustments were made to both meters. The debt was finally applied to the pre payment meter with effect from January and February 2016. This weekend I received a solicitors letter advising me court proceedings were being actioned due to non payment. I immediately rang npower who advised me that the matter is no longer in their hands. I want to take this matter to the ombudsman - do you think I have a case?

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