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johann's complaint against npower

johann carty


I have been waiting for over 28 days for npower to investigate the arrears on my account

Complaint against npower

Npower has placed a debt of over £ 2000 on my account, this debt has been on the property since 2011and I moved in in 2013. It's been over 28 days now since the issue was raised and they keep telling lies that the investigation just started two weeks ago. The complaint was raised on the 24 of September to which I hold a confirmation letter. I was asked for a tenancy agreement which I sent off for the second time in 3 months and now npower is telling me that they stopping the investigation for no reason and started it again two weeks ago again without any explanation. It's been over 28 days now and npower keep stopping and starting the investigation to avoid the 28 day time limit and keep collecting money off me for a debt which has nothing to do with me

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