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Carolyn's complaint against npower

Carolyn Scott


I was switched to npower by their mistake and could not get a bill from them complaints are ignored

Complaint against npower

Npower switched me to them without my conscent I complained to npower over the phone and they admitted that there had been a mistake and it was another person living in the same area as me that made the call to be switched! and not me! I then tried to go back with my original electricity supplier two weeks later npower refused to allow me to do so? I asked npower to send me a Bill in 2011 they didnt sent me one? I complained & complained and got nowhere I was even told over the phone that my account was showing as zero balance then in 2015 I finally got a Bill in another persons name for £1,808.71 Billed from the 16.03.2015 till the 19.06.2015 Npower then sent two men with a Warrent to my property and removed my Dry Meter and fitted a Pre-paid Meter! I phoned npower got told that I it wasnt showing on their system & that I owed them any amount of money as no Debt was showing on account I emailed to Complain to npower to ive had no reply and now when I phone them they put me on hold give me another phone number to call and the same thing happens or their customer service agents say that ive not passed their security questions and advice me to hang up and call back? I have been so stressed ever since npower took over as my supplier when I did not ask them to switch me I was happy with my original supplier had been with them for my Gas & Electric for over 30years and I was in credit with my original supplier now I am stuck with this company npower and im now in Debt as they never sent me Bills how could I even pay a Bill if I never got a Bill untill now and how did they figure this Bill out as no one read my Meter? Please help me to get this Complaint resolved Im stuggling to cope im getting no reply from npower.

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npower failed to resolve this complaint

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Carolyn Scott | | VERIFIED

Npower are the worst Company to deal with and I would rather use candles and build a bonefire in the garden than have npower as mt electricity supplier.
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