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dale's complaint against npower

dale pagett


not being able to pay our bill for 9 months

Complaint against npower

hi we moved into a property in august 2015, which had pre payed meters in it for gas and electric. after speaking to npower who we were with previously at last address. they agreed to come out and change the meters which they did on the 27 october 2015. since then my partners set up direct debit to collect monthly instalements which never came out.A second direct debit was set up again to come out of my account, in january that also failed. a complaint was then made which obviously went to there complaints department.. after several phone calls to different people were still none the wiser we still havent paid our debt which must be growing fast. also on 8th march 2015 a email from npower was sent to my partner saying he owed £157 for gas, so i rang them they said as we had logged a complaint with complaint department we do not pay that bill and that the complaints deptartment would sort it all out together with a final bill... great were getting somewhere now i thought!!! last week this bill has shown on my partners credit report hes worked hard to keep his credit score up. im pulling my hair trying to get answers but were going round in circles please help as every time they say they will ring they dont. please help us get our bill sorted because we dont know what else to do. thanks

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